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Here we go again, another round of fun free escape games to get you over the hump. Game designers are already busy soon too, encouraging us to play beneath the sea while bringing plenty of smiles and cheerfulness to spread around. Surely you have not had enough, though? Come along and help us escape the weekday inside Hottategoya’s maze-like minimalism, FunkyLand’s hip vibe and No1Game’s silly humor…

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As the story progresses, you go four kingdoms–human, elf, dwarf, and mermaid. Seth leaves obstacles in your way, which sometimes cause a hidden object scene or two between cards. Warriors from each kingdom join you in your journey, each bringing a particular ability into the card game, for example removing or changing certain cards. The special abilities charge as you match the related suite.

None of those additional features would of held it’s place in the sport without choice to pay for them. Creating games will take time and cash, developers tend not to live free of charge on fluffy clouds eating retro games free milk and honey, they have bills to cover and families to feed. Most people just don’t possess the luxury to invest months implementing something and after that simply give it away at no cost. Without money they eventually starve to death.

The Adventures of Elena Temple, what’s inside a name. You’re playing as Elena, an archeologist, or possibly just a treasure hunter, that’s exploring a temple which kind of feels as though a forbidden and hidden sacred place. The temple is loaded with traps, blocks that break if you get on them, snakes and giant bats. No worries though, Elena is equipped with her trusty gun. A gun that can only hold two bullets at that time, but there is extra bullets scattered during the entire temple and that means you won’t ever come to an end. Now the fun thing is you need to use those bullets to unravel puzzles. Yes, every room in this temple has some form of obstacle you must conquer, it could involve disappearing platforms which you will need to jump on to get at higher grounds, or it could simply be because snakes are blocking your path forward.

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With the demo in your mind, I then went on to ask about the game’s overall feel. I asked about further gameplay elements, bosses and balance. Mr. Holm started by saying that the thing would be to ‘show, not tell’. This becomes clear, when you start playing, through murals painted across walls and collectible tarot cards that really help piece the storyplot together.